Due to COVID-19, for a limited time the Thrive Quotient™ is being offered for free (normally $37) to help you and your organization during these unprecedented times.
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What's Your Thrive Quotient™?

A holistic view of an organization's ability to thrive in times of uncertainty, developed by leading experts of human behavior in organizations and the workplace.

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“Markets today demand a level of speed and precision that are increasingly difficult to achieve using traditional approaches. How are you going to ensure you are well positioned? The Thrive Quotient is an excellent initial step!”

Dyan Finkhousen
CEO Shoshin Works, former Founder of GeniusLink at General Electric

“2020 has created a moment in history where organizations need to accelerate, or be left behind. The Thrive Quotient questions enable organizations to better understand their innovation performance, and pivot towards a more resilient future. Well done HeroX!”

Gavin McClafferty - CEO & Founder 1981 Ventures and Open Innovation Lead at Subsea 7

“I have seen the impact that open-innovation can have on organizations first hand. Innovation is a culmination of many factors. The Thrive Quotient captures them in a meaningful way, taking a holistic view and asking questions that encourage new perspectives which is powerful.”

Daiva S. Naldal, Former Lead of Lego Ideas

Understand Your Natural Strengths

Find out what your superpowers are, and how well you’re set up to thrive in times of economic uncertainty, as well as areas both you and your organization can improve on.

You’ll learn what really drives and hinders organizations, helping you become part of a more resilient and profitable organization

Get A Customized Roadmap for Success

Our premium Thrive Blueprints allow you and your organization to pinpoint and transform weaknesses into strengths.

These blueprints are tailored to those who want to dive deeper and learn how to grow and better navigate the world around them.